Now that the CBD craze is officially sweeping the nation in Canada we, the editorial staff at Nuggy, have been receiving countless inquiries from both established and start up companies looking for guidance on how to procure wholesale CBD in Canada.

A task that has been proving quite difficult for many as along with the extramely high demand for wholesale CBD products in Canada comes countless scammers deceiving potential buyers with fake COAs (Certificate of Analysis ) and look alike products.

Nuggy has prepared the following checklist of mandatory steps required to procure wholesale CBD in Canada without falling victim to the droves of dishonest opportunists flooding the market with “too good to be true” deals on wholesale cbd extracts, distillates and crystalline.

1) Ask for a current third party lab certified COA that directly relates to the batch number on the product being sold.

2) Be sure the lab certified COA has the same company name on it as the company selling you the product.

3) Call the lab to verify the test was actually conducted on behalf of the company offering the product for sale.

4) Require that the deal be done through an escrow agent. An escrow agent guarantees you delivery of exactly what you are paying for prior to funds being released.

5) Be sure the escrow agreement specifies that all goods must be delivered to your shipping address and that all goods must also match the third party COA provided when tested by your third party lab.

6) There are many independent labs that offer testing on CBD oil, tinctures, distillate and crystalline. Reputable labs are Anandia at UBC and MB Labs located on Vancouver Island.

If setting up and escrow agent is too much for what you require and you are simply looking for a quality supplier of wholesale cbd to launch your brand Nuggy reccommends Vitality Health CBD as it’s number one trusted supplier for lab certified CBD extracts and isolates in Canada.