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alaskan thunder fuck strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a well-known sativa that originated in the Alaskan Matanuska Valley waaaayyyy back in the 70’s. Legend has it that ATF is a combination of a unnamed California sativa and a wild ruderalis strain from Russia that was later enhanced with Afghani.


alaskan thunder fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is also know as  ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Matanuska Tundra. This hard hitting sativa is revered for its very white, large, resinous buds that throw off a distinct eclectic odor.  Terpenes of skunk, citrus and pine with undertones of diesel and mint with a subtle hint of spicy orange and a somewhat mysterious banana taste that lingers…


ATF delivers a heady, uplifting and socially engaging high making it an excellent all day high. Its relaxing, yet euphoric high is quite unique and highly sought after to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, stress and depression. ATF also possesses great appetite-enhancing effects which are usually more prominent in indica dominant strains, making this bud a perfect sativa choice for those struggling with eating disorders. Use ATF in the morning before going out during day and chances are you will be chatting up a storm as you eat everything in sight.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is notoriously famous for its ‘creeper’ effect, as the initial high may come on slow and then suddenly intensify to uncomfortable levels for some. Nuggy recommends using ATF in moderation when starting testing the waters. Start slow and wait an hour or so to guage the inital effects and any creeper effect that you may experience. Once you figure out your personal tolerance level for ATF proceed to dose accordingly.


Indica/Sativa: Sativa

Medical: 7/10

Stress: 10/10

Depression: 7/10

Fatigue: 6/10

Pain: 3/10

Appetite: 4/10


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